Professional Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy Flooring

As a leading company in the industry, VB contracting provides professional epoxy flooring coating in Connecticut, New York and other neighboring states. Our systems are suitable for any kind of industrial and residential facility. Epoxy floors are aesthetic, easy to maintain, and highly resistant to heavy vehicles, chemicals, acids, thermal and mechanical shocks, are non-slippery and anti-static. It’s the ideal solution for your business, workshop or home.

VB contracting offers a wide variety of application types, various liquids, designs and systems. Every project is personalized according to your requirements, whether it is industrial or residential epoxy flooring.

  • Highly-resistant
  • Durability
  • Low-porosity
  • Strong bond strength
  • Safety
  • Easily maintainable

VB Contracting is prepared to work on any floor type and various systems. Experienced specialists perform the process of epoxy flooring installation. We provide you with a broad variety of epoxy flooring solutions including decorative quartz epoxy flooring , residential and industrial grade epoxy floor coating, and  commercial concrete floor coatings,  that are solid, non-poisonous, and broadly demanded.

Our Epoxy Flooring Services


Industrial Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial and commercial epoxy floors are durable and ideal for usage in environment such as warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, garages, and many other heavy industrial buildings.


Residential Epoxy Flooring

VB Contracting is the best supplier and service provider of residential epoxy flooring solutions. We specialize in providing well-designed concrete floor coating with first-class epoxy materials.




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