Professional Residential Epoxy Flooring Services

Residential Epoxy Flooring

VB Contracting offers various affordable flooring solutions including residential epoxy floor coating in Connecticut, New York area and other neighboring states. Well-designed concrete floors coated with high-quality epoxy materials are great floor options for homes and residences. Due to its durability and sustainability, this solution is also cost-effective.

We can help you repair your existing concrete floor and make your basement and home floor water/damp resistant. We offer you the most innovative and unique epoxy flooring options for your home that can even substitute tiles and carpets and give your home an attractive finish look!

  • Epoxy basement floors
  • Epoxy garage floors
  • Concrete patios sealing
  • Stained concrete pool patio
  • Flake epoxy floors
  • Acrylic epoxy floors
  • Quartz epoxy floors
  • Metallic epoxy floors

Our team of talented professionals at VB Contracting is highly experienced in residential epoxy flooring installations and offers you a variety of flooring color, design, and redesign options.  We can help you turn your floor into the favorite part of your home!

Service Details

Our residential epoxy resin flooring solutions come in different colors and designs including flake epoxy flooring that are perfect for people that want a vibrant look and an exceptionally long lasting floor. We also offer metallic, acrylic, and quarts epoxy flooring. Each of them is slip-resistant, durable and safe for your living space.

The Benefits

Beautiful & Safe

There is almost no need for maintenance since they can be easily wiped out of dust, dirt or other grime. Epoxy flooring coatings are waterproof, resistant to heavy tools, extreme heating, chemicals, and acids. We offer effective application, custom design, and durable systems. Simply ideal for homeowners that want to create a beautiful, safe, and exclusive environment!


We can offer you the perfect epoxy garage and basement flooring coating solution. The system requires little time for installation and is very cost-effective. The material is resistant to colors, oils, chemicals, acids, and stains from leaky, heavy vehicles. This makes it an awesome return on investment, since it can last for many years with no need to repair.

Aesthetic & Non-toxic

When it comes to homes, everyone is highly attentive to every detail. One makes sure to use the best materials and the best products to maintain their house. Epoxy flooring for homes are both aesthetic and non-toxic because they are made of durable resin coating that are abrasion-resistant and need no chemicals to clean or maintain. An attractive and safe solution!

VB Contracting specializes in providing high-quality services and uses advanced techniques for effective residential epoxy flooring application. It’s the surface preparation and the discipline during the installation that makes the difference of a successful and unsuccessful floor.

Our team of motivated professionals use products manufactured by industry giants to guarantee high quality.

We have the experience and expertise needed to complete your project on time and meet all your requirements!




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