Professional Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Commercial Exterior Painting

VB Contracting has the right experience to provide you with high-quality services and to deliver your project effectively and successfully. We have over 25 years of experience working with a full range of commercial painting projects, both interior and exterior. Our commercial exterior painting services in CT and NY are designed to meet all your long-term goals and to help you improve the value of your building.

The exterior painting of your commercial building is an indispensable process. It helps you to maintain and protect your facility from various weather conditions, insects, and other harmful factors. Some of our commercial exterior painting services include:

  • All Types of Exterior Paintings
  • Concrete Painting
  • Masonry Painting
  • Brick Painting

Our professional painters are committed to excellence to perform flawless work and provide exceptional solutions.  We take care in delivering superior customer service & support at every phase of the project, and do our best to satisfy your specific requirements!

Service Details

Our commercial exterior painting services are not just about giving your building a fresh color. If you’re building needs other improvements during the painting process, such as sealing cracks or holes, we can offer you our professional external joint caulking service. Our team is prepared in performing each step of the work appropriately, including patching, priming, painting, and finishing. We make sure to complete every painting-related task.

The Benefits

Experience & Expertise

VB Contracting is extensively experienced in providing first-rate commercial exterior painting services and is prepared to recommend you a wide variety of painting solutions. We understand what it takes to handle large-scale projects, make appropriate repairs, give design recommendations, and overcome specific challenges.

Fast & Affordable

Our company uses advanced technology and first-class products to conduct effective work and achieve successful results. Thanks to our high-end equipment and professional team of painters, we clean, prepare, and paint surfaces very fast. And all this comes at a competitive price!

A Brand New Look

Besides protection and building maintenance, a few coatings of fresh paint give your commercial building a brand new look. It’s more appealing and strengthens your brand identity. VB Contracting, the best commercial exterior painting contractor in CT, can help you with an outstanding painting project and give your building a makeover cleanly, precisely, on time and budget!

The leading team of commercial exterior painting at VB Contracting takes pride in providing professional painting services and exceptional solutions according to your specific needs.

For many years, we have proven our capabilities and have been loyal partners to many businesses and commercial building managers.

We know exactly what you need to improve the outward appearance of your facility!




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