Professional Industrial Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

Industrial Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy floors are strong and ideal for usage in industrial and commercial environments such as warehouses, heavy industrial buildings, hospitals, restaurants, sports facilities, hotels, garages and many other building types.

At VB Contracting, we offer various professional epoxy floor coating systems depending on your needs and specifications. Whether it’s a new building or a rework, our flooring experts each with more than 20 years of experience will customize our services to meet your epoxy flooring goals. Some of the most popular systems that we offer include:

  • Self-leveling epoxy floors
  • 100 % urethane floors
  • 100% non-slip floors
  • 100 % waterproof floor membrane systems
  • 100 % waterproof wall membrane systems
  • Acrylic epoxy floors
  • Resin epoxy floors with flakes
  • Quarts epoxy floors
  • Acid resistant & anti-static epoxy floors
  • Concrete epoxy floors

Our company is result and detail-oriented. Work ethic and high-quality performance are our top priorities; therefore, we work with the best products on the market. There are different available designs and colors available for your commercial or industrial grade epoxy floor coating provided by first-rate companies such as Sherwin Williams and Duraflex.

Service Details

Our professional industrial resin flooring systems are the ideal solution for industrial and commercial buildings. Besides the visual aesthetics, our epoxy flooring coatings can help you improve the performance of your employees, their wellbeing, and safety.

The Benefits

Strong and Durable

Our concrete epoxy floor coatings are made of hardeners and resins that together form a hard plastic material that dries to become a strong and durable surface. The surface becomes very resistant to different heavy machinery, vehicles, and acids. Our epoxy coatings endure exposure to thermal shocks and chemicals.

Seamless Surface and Improved Productivity

Our industrial resin flooring is easy to maintain thanks to its seamless surface. Employees’ safety and productivity are impressively improved with our epoxy coatings. They are anti-skid, fire-resistant and eco-friendly. Most of the floors are glossy and reflect light, which brightens your working space and of course the mood of your staff.

Cost-efficient Flooring Solution

VB Contracting offers the most affordable industrial and commercial epoxy flooring coatings solutions in CT and NY area. Our experienced epoxy flooring specialists make the installment using the best practices available and highest-quality products. Well-designed epoxy coatings are long-lasting, waterproof, and require little need for maintenance. The ideal flooring solution for commercial and industrial facilities!

We have helped managers of industrial and commercial buildings with a wide variety of industrial commercial concrete floor coating services in Connecticut and New York. Whether you need to upgrade a small part of your facility, or you need a custom project you can rely on flexible solutions, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.

If you want to give your work environment a unique, attractive look, our epoxy flooring solutions are flexible and cost-effective.

Our durable epoxy coatings provide great protection and are the best option for your industrial or commercial environment!




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