Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Polyurethane Recoating Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Polyurethane Recoating

VB Contracting is a certified company that provides professional polyurethane recoating and residential and commercial hardwood floor refinishing services in Connecticut, New York, and other surrounding states. If your floor is scratched, dull, or simply looking old, you can always count on our exceptional services.

Our experienced team is highly specialized in a full range of flooring services such as sanding, finishing, refinishing, and recoating. Our solutions are designed to improve the quality of your floor, by restoring its luster and extending its lifespan.

The highly-skilled team of our company can bring out the beauty and the elegance of your floor. Whether it’s a newly installed floor, or you simply want to bring back the shine of your existing floor, we can stain and refinish it using the best tools, advanced technology, and premium grade products to get superb results.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process in 3 Steps


The first step of our floor refinishing process is cleaning the surface from any imperfection in order to eliminate scratches and dents and fix tears using high-speed and high-performance sanders. After smoothing the surface, our experts will clean it and prepare it for the second phase.


Staining is the most important step of the process. Exceptional craftsmanship and using high-quality products will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hardwood staining floor. We offer a variety of finishing type and color staining options, so you can choose the one that suits best your home or working place. By refinishing your floor you will enhance its natural color and beauty, as well as protect it from external elements.


Sealing the hardwood is the last step of the floor refinishing process. It protects the hardwood from pests, insects, moisture, and liquid damage.

Our Hardwood Staining Color Options

  • Honey Floor Stain Colors
  • Mid-Brown Floor Stain Colors
  • Coffee Stain Floor Colors
  • Very Dark Brown Floor Stain Colors
  • Patterns Using Wood Floor Stain Colors
  • Whitewash Floor Stain Colors
  • Color-wash Floor Staining

Polyurethane Recoating

Our polyurethane recoating service is ideal if your floor needs a professional gloss makeover. If you’re not satisfied with the results of a deep cleaning because your floor it’s not shining yet, a few layers of polyurethane can bring back your smile.

The process involves the removal of the old polyurethane layer by scuffing it smoothly and then recoating to remove minor scratches and gouges in the surface of the floor.

Recoating your floor using our polyurethane finishing service will bring you many advantages. Not only will it restore the beautiful look, but it will also protect the floor from damage that requires stain refinishing to repair.

VB Contracting, one of the best hardwood floor staining contractors in CT and NY, offers professional installation of quality hardwood staining and other refinishing services for all types of flooring.

Bring back the shine of your floor and make it look like new!




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